I have been a guitarist and musician for over 30 years. I started out growing up in the Maryland suburbs listening to the Blues and the Beatles. The Blues taught me about the importance of putting "feeling" into your music, among other things. The Beatles taught me about many things, especially harmony and composition. From there my interests have only grown as I continue to find great bands of all genres to listen to, admire and draw influences from. I have met and collaborated with many different musicians and bands in my homestate of Maryland, in Ohio, and here in the Upstate and have played in several venues, both in full bands and as a solo performer. For my solo act, I supplement the performance with some looping capabilities and various effects to give the songs more texture and fullness. Music is my first love and one of the few true passions in my life. And when I get the audience loving the songs as much as I do, it only makes it that much better! See you at the next gig!